Nothing else out there teaches you how to take control of your mind like this!

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 We're Helping Thousands Of People  Raise Their Spiritual & Emotional IQ 


✅   Create a New Reality

This training will provide you with the knowledge, tools and techniques necessary to manifest your reality.

✅   Step By Step Instruction

Be guided to the inner sanctums of your mind & be taught step by step on how to exercise and apply powerful techniques & principles to maximise your personal power. 

 Enjoy The Unparalleled Freedoms That Comes When You Take Control Of Your Most Powerful Asset - Your Mind

We climbed our way out of bankruptcy & completely healed the emotional baggage that comes with that experience.

Chrissy & Col Greig

Nicola McNamara

I broke through many mental barriers & turned my annual income into my monthly income.


What Can I Expect From The 7 Day Online Bootcamp? 

✅   A clear path to achieve your goals

✅   Eliminate negative thinking

✅   Feeling connected & in tune with your life

✅   Discover your passion and purpose

✅   Increase your earning capacity

✅   Strengthen your intuition

✅   Increase your health & vitality

✅   Greater access to solutions to your problems

I was able to attract the life & relationship that I truly wanted using the principles in this training.

 Who Are Your Course Trainers?

Shane Krider has spent the past 20 years helping people to transform their lives through the teachings of proven success strategies. 

He began his Personal Growth journey in 1998 with serious application and a vision to transform his own life. Success came early.  Within 6 months of applying some of the same principles as outlined in the 7 Day Bootcamp he took his income from $35k per year to over $50,000 a month. 

So strong was Shane's belief in the power of utilising one's mind to transform their life, he went on to start one of the fastest growing Personal Development companies on the planet; one which was valued at 170 million dollars within just 4 years of inception. 

Shane's unique ability to guide his students to take control of their mind  has led thousands to reach unparalleled success. 

His collective companies have sold more than a half a billion dollars in retail sales, specific to Personal Development retreats and wealth creation courses.

As an award winning author, international speaker and renowned trainer who has touched the lives of people from more than 100 countries around the world, Shane's 7 Day Bootcamp promises to be a great utilisation of your time for those that are looking to jump to a new level of success. 

Rachel Krider began her Personal Development journey when she was just 19 years old. It started with the reading of books, which led to attending life improvement conferences with the likes of Jim Rohn, Deepak Chopra, James Redfield, Louise Hay and many others. 

Eventually Rachel's love of Personal Development & a desire for a better life led her to starting a business within the Personal Development space, where she went on to become a 7 figure earner, achieving the status of self-made millionaire by the age of 32. 

"My life did a complete 180. I went from a place of uncertainty to a powerful knowing that I could create my life the way I really wanted it to be. My health improved, I attracted my soul mate and cultivated meaningful relationships that I cherish. I now live my life everyday based on the principles found in this course". Rachel Krider

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